Does Blogging Help With SEO?

Blogging. Is it really important? Our answer is yes for a couple of key reasons. Fresh Content. Google loves seeing websites that are “active.”  Active being there is fresh, relevant, unique content posted on the website. Not only that, you … Read More

Social Media. Should Your Company Have A Presence?

  Short and sweet….YES!!! But, only if you are active on it. Having a bunch of accounts that are set up but you never post to can hurt you more than help you. Some of the major players are Facebook, … Read More

Who We Are And Why You Should Choose Us

  We have been stressing to our clients lately that we see a trend of people wanting to know who they are dealing with. We do have an about us page on the website, but thought I would give you … Read More

To Rent Or Own. That Is The Question!

Which do you prefer? To be under a contract for a certain amount of time (usually two years minimum), and once the time has expired, you just keep renting said item. Or to own something once you have paid for … Read More

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