What Does A Designer Need From Me To Create My Website?


Creating a brand new website can seem overbearing, but don’t let it be. If you are working with the right designer, they will guide you through the process. You are the only one who knows your business inside and out, so the information put IN the website should be provided by you. If you hire a content writer because you don’t have the time or think you aren’t creative enough, make sure to read the content before publishing it to make sure it fits you and your company!

Web designers offer lots of different services, but ultimately, the website is yours, and it should have the look and feel of you and your business. The only way that can happen is with your input. We at Web Designs Your Way have already spoken in-depth with you about your needs, or have met with you to discuss your needs and goals. We will also provide a questionnaire to be filled out so you can put on paper the exact items you are looking for, and not looking for, in your website. If it is a brand new website, it will take longer than a website makeover, but both should have the same end results.

Content is king. In the world we live in now, not a lot of people take the time to ready everything you write, but some do. You never want to exclude those that do. The others can choose to not read it, but give those the opportunity to ready about you and your business if they want to. Not only will it make them happy, it will make Google happy too!

Content. There is a big trend of people wanting to know who they are dealing with before they even pick up the phone to call or send you an email. They also want to know how you are going to help THEM. Cover this in your content. If you own a clothing shop for example, tell them how your clothing line can help them feel better about themselves and help them feel more professional, sporty, or whatever it is you provide. Spell it out for them. Give them the warm fuzzies, of what and how you are going to help them, and let them feel like they already know, like and trust you!

Pictures. For some, such as photographers and contractors, pictures are what sales their service. Having high quality, good resolution pictures is a MUST! But pictures do sell no matter what it is you have to offer. Even for web designers, their portfolio should be available for you to see and should match what you are looking for quality wise.

Vision. Your vision should come to life in your website. Your website should tell your story.

What features do you need? Almost all businesses want to collect email addresses for future mailings or specials right? Having a call to action is something to think about then. Your designer would need to know the reason for the call to action (CTA) in order to know what kind of form to make for you. This applies for a contact form as well. Do you only want their name and email address? Or their phone number and the ability to ask questions or send lengthy messages. Or upload a picture for you to make a design for them? endless possibilities that your designer needs to know about.

Outcome. What do you want your website to do for you? Are you looking to grow your business or just have it for credibility? There are big differences in the two. If you want to grow your business, you need to follow Google guidelines, such as is it mobile friendly/responsive? Do you have good, relevant content? Is your website secure with an SSL certificate?

Logo. Your logo should be on ALL your branding materials, including your website. Think of a company like Coca-Cola. They have a very simple logo, but when you see it, you know who and what they are. It’s all part of the branding game. Logos do not need to be super detailed, but they should be authentic and recognizable. You want people to see it and think of you or your product.

Color Scheme: Same as your logo, everyone needs one. You want your website to be consistent with any marketing materials you plan on having or have. Consistency is key here.

Layout. Do you like widescreen or boxed? Yes, there is a difference. Lot of pictures, or minimal? How many pages? Will you have a shopping cart?

Font. Very important as well. You also will want to make sure it is a Google safe font. Here is a link to Google safe fonts: https://fonts.google.com/ . If you use a font Google does not recognize, you run the risk of your website formatting being messed up. If the font is not on the list, what can happen is it can resort back to Arial and then the entire flow of the website can be off. Try it in a word document. Type out a couple of sentences, then change the font and see what happens.

These are just a few things designers will require from you in order to create you the website of your dreams.

We hope this has given you some things to think about. We appreciate you taking the time to read this, and as always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us!