Does Blogging Help With SEO?

Blogging. Is it really important? Our answer is yes for a couple of key reasons.

  • Fresh Content. Google loves seeing websites that are “active.”  Active being there is fresh, relevant, unique content posted on the website. Not only that, you can build yourself as an industry expert in your field if the posts you are publishing capture an audience. A way to capture an audience with a blog is to post the blog, then post the link to the blog and give a “teaser” on a social media post. Not only are you then getting people to your website, but you are also sharing information with them that will build the know, like and trust factor. Most of the content on your website will not need updating all the time, so that’s why having an active blog, minimum of once a month, can help in several ways.
  • Familiarity. Blogs can help you stay in front of viewers. Remember the old saying someone needs to see your name 7 times before they MAY remember you and so on? This is where blogs can help you with the fact of staying in front of someone so they CAN remember you. This leads back to building trust with your name and brand. You are setting yourself apart from others by being active and in front of people, providing information hat people can use. People respect that. Sometimes they will take your advice and run with it and try and do the things you have mentioned, and fail. But then they will remember you and potentially reach back out to your for your expertise you have shown and ask you to do the job right for them!
  • Pictures. Pictures and images. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Sometimes the picture you post is what can attract someone to start reading your blog. Make sure they are captivating and relevant to what you are writing about. You don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking they are going to get information about one subject matter to find it was a “bait and switch” to entice them to start reading. You will do more harm than good doing something like that.
  • Keywords. Keywords are not nearly as important as they use to be, but they are still used. It use to be the more the keywords the better, but not so much anymore. You can actually get penalized for over stuffing your website or blog with keywords. You want the words you use to be unique to a sense, but also words that the end user would be using to search for your content. So instead of just using web designer, you might want to put affordable WordPress web designer. Or for turf, as another example, you could use water saving turf. Be creative, but think of what kind of search someone would do.
  • Social Media. A blog is viewed as fresh content like we spoke about above, but each blog post is also viewed as a new page on your website. That’s huge!!!! Google can also include it as an indexed page, and all pages that get indexed can rank. To be indexed and count as a page, you need a minimum of 300 words per post. Keep that in mind as well! So your Social Media platforms count in this figure as well. Have you ever searched for a company before and their Facebook page comes up before their website? It can easily happen. So again, connecting your post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media site can help your SEO as well.Businesses that have a blog can have up to 55% more traffic than a website with no blog. More traffic means more exposure. More exposure can mean more sales. Blogging takes time, yes. But if you are passionate about what you do, sitting down and writing a blog should take you no time at all! Isn’t it worth it to see your website more successful?


We hope you gained some insight with what we have mentioned, and are always here to answer any questions for you!.
Thank you for reading and we look forward to any questions you may have. Feel free to comment below! Or you can always call us at 480-656-6059