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Website Design FAQs

We offer a complimentary InMotion cPanel Hosting Account with any of our Security and Maintenance Plans, but you are not required to host with us after we complete your website. We will not host a website if you are not on one of our Security and Maintenance Plans. We do this to make sure ALL of our customers are well protected.

*For any hosting company that does not provide a phone number for support (such as Wix, Network Solutions, and others), then there will be a 3 Hour Minimum charge to facilitate the upload of your website.

Yes, we have different options for Security and Maintenance Plans that you can choose from when your site goes live. While you are not required to purchase a maintenance plan, we recommend that you take advantage of the manual updates included with each of our plans. We do the updates manually and then spot check the website when we are done. Although it takes longer, we feel manual updates are better than automatic updates. If there ever is a conflict with an update, the website gets checked and the conflict is found sooner and corrected, which means less downtime for your website.

We also offer plans with monthly content/picture changes or support as well. Or if you have a change and are not on one of our plans, we only bill in 15-minute increments, so it is not automatically a one-hour minimum charge.

Yes, you can. While we recommend that you take on one of our options for security and maintenance, after your website is complete and paid for, it is entirely yours to decide how to maintain it from there!

This is a very hard question to answer. The speed of the process is dependent on our communication back and forth. The website is built as quickly as content and pictures are provided to us.

Absolutely! We even offer a WordPress makeover option that can save you tons! If your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, Google is not very happy with you right now. That is one of their requirements for moving up the rankings. Plus, if you look at the stats of how many people use their cell phones and or tablets, you may be losing a lot of money not having your website up to date!

We prefer to have you involved in the whole process! We send you a questionnaire in the beginning that we give to our design team. It asks for items such as your logo, color schemes, and websites that you like and dislike. We also have an entire page dedicated to our available themes you can choose from.  Once we have a "shell" put together of your website, we send you a preview link and that is yours for the entire build process.

We ask that you provide all your content and pictures. If you do not have content or pictures, we do have a content writer who can do that for you for an additional charge. We also have an account for stock photos that can be purchased as well.

Yes! With your ideas and approval, we are able to find pictures that fit your vision. These are purchased stock photos, so additional charges will apply. We do always suggest using your own pictures when possible.

Yes you can. We do also offer monthly plans that include changes. If you do not want to be on a monthly plan, that's fine too. We bill in 15-minute increments if you would like us to do the changes.

Yes! After your website has been paid in full, you own it!

Do you have a couple of hours for this answer? LOL In our eyes, there are 3 types of websites. One is for credibility, two is for growing your business, and three is for both. How many times have you heard about a company and go Google them to find more information out about them? Most people do that before they will even visit a new place. Imagine a massage therapist for example. This person is going to be touching your body, don't you want to know they are a credible business before visiting them?

A restaurant is an example of a business who needs a website to grow for sure. They NEED a menu listed on the website so people know if they serve the kind of food they are looking for.

In the digital world we live in today, we feel every business needs a website for many reasons. We would be happy to discuss your vision and how a website would benefit you. Give us a call or shoot us an email from our contact form. We are very responsive and also love to educate people.

Marketing FAQs

We collaborate with trusted SEO companies to ensure all of the websites we design are search engine friendly and can help you achieve your goals. We are strong believers that any company that can promise you first page rankings, especially within a short period of time, are companies you will want to be careful of. Unless they are Google, no one can promise you those rankings because things always change. That is a reason SEO is an ongoing job.

Yes, we have several graphic design partners that can create several logo options for you to choose from in your design process.

Yes! Our content writer partner loves to blogs. We believe blogs are a way to add credibility to your business and are happy to do your blog posts for you for an additional charge. Google loves relevant content, so blogs are an awesome way to help with rankings as well.

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Yes, we have a content writer that is happy to help you create content that is perfectly tailored to your business.

Yes! With the exception of LinkedIn, we are able to post and maintain your social media pages for you. This presence will help with your websites SEO and credibility. More times in front of a potential customer, the more likely they are to remember you.

Working With Us

While we pride ourselves on being Your Affordable Way Onto The Web, we understand that there may be financial restrictions for growing businesses. Therefore, we offer a payment plan. For websites with several pages*, we offer payment plans with a 25% deposit and a 12, 18 or 24-month agreement to pay off the remaining 75% of your balance. This is interest-free!! Yes, you read that right, INTEREST-FREE. We do require you to be on our hosting as we still "technically" own your website until paid in full. So our Security and Maintenance fee will also be included in your monthly payment.

*A payment plan is not available for a one-page website.

We sure can! We have clients all over the United States. Email, virtual meetings and phone calls can handle all we need to do for you. But, we do like building long-lasting relationships with our clients. So if you are in the area, we would love to take you out for a cup of coffee!

Phone or email both work for us. We do work some crazy hours though, so don't be surprised to get emails from us late in the evening or on weekends!

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