Hitting Restart or Reboot!

We all need to do it from time to time. Step back, breathe deep, and hit restart! Whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly thing, we all need it!

Sometimes when we get stuck in our everyday routine, we lose sight of what’s important and what got us to where we are today. Today was that day for me. I took the time out of my busy schedule to meet with a friend for coffee, who is also a client, and reboot my mindset. She is always a great resource for me, not only as  a friend, but as someone who I admire as a business person. Have you done that lately?

She brought me back to what has helped us grow our business. It was the light I was missing!! We have been so blessed with amazing customers, who mostly become our friends as well. If we continue taking care of them, reaching out even just to say hello, how are you doing, is there anything we can help you with, we stay present in their minds. I don’t think anyone wants a relationship that is built on issues right? Staying present in any situation keeps you in the front of their mind, and they feel cared for, and will remember you if someone is asking them for a referral for your services. Don’t do this just for the referral, do it because you mean it and show your customers that you care and they DO matter!

So mark it on your calendar, as an appointment if you need to, to reboot yourself and your way of thinking. Reflect on what is important to you, and let those around you know how much you care for them. The old saying: “Actions speak louder than words” hold so true here. Do it because you care!


We hope you gained some insight with what we have mentioned, and are always here to answer any questions for you!.

Always remember, friends don’t let friends have ugly websites!

Thank you for reading and we look forward to any questions you may have. Feel free to comment below! Or you can always call us at 480-656-6059