Who We Are And Why You Should Choose Us

  We have been stressing to our clients lately that we see a trend of people wanting to know who they are dealing with. We do have an about us page on the website, but thought I would give you … Read More

Is WordPress the Solution For You?

  You need a website for your business and there are so many options. There are html websites, DIY website builders, and WordPress. To be honest, we would not touch WordPress for several years because of the security concerns we … Read More

The Missing Puzzle Piece

  Sometimes, there may be a tiny piece to the puzzle that is missing to make things all come together. Sometimes the piece is easily noticeable, sometimes it is not. With a website, there are many reasons a website can … Read More

Keeping It Local

  Personally, we try and support our local businesses as much as possible. Sometimes price does make a difference on certain things, but don’t forget about quality as well. When you are supporting a small, local business who has products … Read More

Want To Increase Your Leads

  The New Year is well under way and you are scratching your head about your marketing plan. What can you change? What can you do differently to get more leads? How do you get more business? When you hire … Read More

New WordPress Update 4.7

A new WordPress update has been released. What does this mean for you? If you are one of our customers who takes advantage of our Security, WordPress Core and Theme update packages, it means your money is well spent! If … Read More

Google Mobile First Indexing

We have stated for some time now, that Google implemented a new guideline stating that all websites should be mobile friendly. With the majority of the population relying on their phones and tablets way more than desktop versions now, why wouldn’t … Read More

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