7 Reasons You Need a Website Redesign NOW!!

Could your website use a facelift? Many people know deep down when it’s time for a redesign, but they aren’t ready to take the next step. They get attached to their websites, even though they could be performing better. If this is the boat you’re in, it’s time to take the plunge. A well-designed website offers incredible benefits that you can’t ignore. Once the investment is made, you will have an updated, stylish website to show off to new and existing customers.

Below are seven reasons why you need a website redesign sooner than later.

1. Your site doesn’t meet customer expectations

As technology changes, people’s expectations get higher. If your site relies on old trends, it’s probably not providing your users with the best experience. Key issues may include slow load times, tough navigation and complex wording. Loyal customers who know where to find what they’re looking for may not notice so much, but visitors will.

2. Your site isn’t fully optimized for mobile

Many people believe that their websites are mobile friendly, when in actuality, they are not. You need more than a mobile friendly template to have an optimized website. There are other elements that need to be present for a truly seamless and enjoyable mobile experience, such as:

Fast loading pages
Easy browsing
Intuitive navigation
Optimized images
Large buttons
Easy-to-read text

3. Your business has changed over the years

Businesses are constantly evolving, and yours probably has, too. Maybe you’ve decided to focus on a specific area or add/remove services. By redesigning your website, you not only take advantage of the latest trends but also your latest offerings. Update images, bios, products and services, pricing, accomplishments and more to show customers who you are today.

4. Your audience has changed, too

Audiences change, too. Ten years ago, you may have been targeting a different demographic than you are today. Or, maybe you’ve expanded your products and services to new demographics. It’s important that your website aligns with your customer expectations, otherwise they might feel that you don’t “get” them. With a site redesign, you can be sure that your website caters to the right audience.

5. Your site has a poor foundation

Websites are much cleaner and simpler than in years past. They are meant to be lightweight and easy to navigate so that people can use them on their mobile devices. If your site was built years ago, it relies on old technology. Your site may have bad code, unnecessary Javascripts, large image sizes and more.

6. Your branding is outdated

Branding changes, but many people are unaware that their website needs to reflect this, too. Your digital footprint must be consistent, otherwise you might find it hard to build relationships with customers. A new website will reflect these changes and match the rest of your branded materials so that customers know they are working with the same brand.

7. Your competitors’ sites are better

If the above reasons aren’t enough to motivate you to update your website, then this should be: your competitors have better websites than you. If prospects can’t find the information they’re looking for but can find it with your competitors, you are likely to lose the sale. Plus, it’s hard to build trust and loyalty when your competitors are outperforming you.

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