Are You Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn uses to be mostly for finding a job if you were unemployed. Like everything else, times have changed and now business connections are happening like crazy.

It is still geared more towards the business professional for jobs and work but is not geared towards the social aspect like other platforms. The busy professional prefers this much more than having to scroll through all the vacation pictures, puppy pictures, etc. When you are an entrepreneur, for example, your time is valuable and while seeing those items are enjoyable, during the working hours it is a time suck that is hard to do and keep your customers happy.

Your profile picture is important here. Since this is geared more towards the professional side, having a simple headshot of yourself is more advisable. We are back in the world of wanting to know who we are dealing with before working with them. Depending on what your profession is can also alter this slightly. If you are a scuba instructor, for instance, having a picture of you in your scuba gear is fitting. But if you are an attorney, scuba gear would not fit your profession. Not that having a fun side is bad, but this isn't Facebook!

Have you heard the term: "Be an industry leader?" That's something LinkedIn can help you become. Since the posts you make can be easily read and not intermingled with pictures of puppies and babies, people are likely to read your article if it has a good header. Make that first line GRAB them! Then write about new updates, why your product/service is important and very important, how will your product or service solve a problem for a potential client. When you solve a problem or issue someone may have and spell it out for them, your phone will ring!

Make sure you have your contact information easy to find. If you prefer not to receive phone calls, make your email the most prominent, but still, list your phone number. Also, make available all your social media platforms and website address. People do lots of research before they pick up the phone or send an email these days, so as many avenues that they have to get information about you, the better.

Ultimately, building your business means building relationships. If sales is "not your thing" these relationships mean that much more. Building referral partners as well. If you provide stellar service for a customer that is amazing happy, tell them how much you appreciate referrals. They may have a couple of people off the top of their head that needs your service!

No matter what your business is, LinkedIn can more than likely benefit you if done properly. No spamming of your product if someone connects with you. Build the relationship first, then bring in what you do if the time ir right later. Not everyone will be a good fit for you and your company.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at: [email protected]. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your feedback.