Is WordPress the Solution For You?


You need a website for your business and there are so many options. There are html websites, DIY website builders, and WordPress. To be honest, we would not touch WordPress for several years because of the security concerns we had. Over the years they have improved their security measures and we finally jumped on board. Here is why:

  1. WordPress themes do some of the coding for us as designers. What does that mean for you? IT COST LESS !!! Yes, websites were so expensive when they first came out because there was so much coding involved. Coding takes time, and time is money!
  2. Plugins. Plugins are items that can be integrated into your website that let you add items such as contact forms, shopping carts, your Facebook feed, just to name a few. Again, this all relates back to the coding aspect.
  3. Customers can maintain the website once it is built. Many customers do not have the time to do the initial build, but like to add content and pictures on their own once the website has been developed. If the correct theme is picked, it is generally fairly easy to have a customer maintain the website with some guidance and general computer knowledge.
  4. Mobile Friendly and Responsive. What does that mean? No matter what device you are trying to view it on, a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, it will respond to the screen size so you can read it easy. The other beauty of that is, it’s all in one website now rather than having top build specific websites for each device. Another money saver! Woo hoo!

Some of the down sides of WordPress:

  1. It has to be continually monitored for security updates. Most web designers have maintenance options available. We offer plans as low as $ 45.00 a month!
  2. Some believe WordPress lacks support. In our eyes, this is not as much a WordPress issue so much as a designer issue. Some designers disappear off the face of the earth once they are done with your project. We here at Web Designs Your Way plan on being around for a long time. Once we are completed with the build of your website, you will still be able to contact us with any questions, or we love having on-going relationships and continue in the success of your website. this comes from either with updates to your website, hosting, security maintenance, just to name a few,
  3. With plugins, it may slow down the load time of your website. We add a caching plugin that helps reduce the load time. But again, if you did not know to do this, it can complicate things. That is why we always suggest using a designer to build the website for you.

There are always Pros and Cons to anything you do in life. We are web designers who have been in business almost 7 years now. We have learned things along the way and continue to learn every day. We want to make sure you are receiving the best possible website around. WordPress has free themes and paid themes. We always use a paid theme to create our websites. Not only do we get support from the theme developers, you get support from us as well. You have so much more flexibility with using a paid theme. Free themes are usually just that, free. You don’t have the freedom to change many things, so what you see if what you get. Same thing with a lot of the DIY builders’re doing and can All in all, we strongly suggest you use a designer, hopefully us, to build your website for you. We know what we’re doing and it could take us less than half the time it could take you to try and build it correctly. Your time is worth something right??

We are always here to answer ANY website questions you may have.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to any questions you may have.