Should Your Company Have A Social Media Presence?


Short and sweet….YES!!! But, only if you are active on it. Having a bunch of accounts that are set up but you never post to can hurt you more than help you. Some of the major players are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+. LinkedIn and Pinterest. Not only being consistent, but knowing what to post on them is also vital.

Pinterest and Instagram for example or 99% picture based. Pinterest originally was more of a “go find recipes or ideas on how to fix things” platform. It did not take long for businesses to get the idea if they posted pictures of their work and ideas, they could succeed too. So now Pinterest ha become a big player for any kind of business. One thing you want to remember on any platform, engagement and education is important.

Live streaming ahs also taken over the Social Media world. Periscope appeared and disappeared to an extent after Facebook live came about. Facebook continues to be the leader in Social Media Avenues because it is user friendly. Facebook continues to improve on their streaming, having added different masks you can use, draw pictures on your streams etc. Business pages have been also given many options such as ads and boosting posts. Since the streaming is still catching on, if you boost a live stream, it is really inexpensive compared to boosting other posts.

Your content for posts is also a key element. Engagement is huge and helps make you an “industry leader.” Think about it. Someone reads your post, finds it interesting, and shares it on Facebook You have now been given the opportunity for that persons followers to see what you have shared. Did you write engaging content? Did you provide facts? Once someone sees your name/company name over and over, name recognition starts taking place. They see your name and start paying attention to what you have posted because they are beginning the process of “Know, Like, and Trust.”

Studies show that almost 70% of buying decisions are made before they even contact you. Does that say anything about how important your website and social media posts are? I would say 100 yes. We have always said you get one chance to make a first impression, let us make you beautiful. Your online presence is probably bigger than you think. There are directories in all kinds of places that you are probably not aware of. I think most people know of Yelp, Merchant Circle and Manta. But what about Whodoyou? Ever heard of them? It is important to have your business listed on these platforms as well for credibility and Google rankings. 50+ directories, and they should ALL have the same information in there such as phone number, address, hours, things like that. Again consistency plays a role here. a BIG suggestion for LinkedIn is making sure your profile picture is of you, and just you.

Study your Google Analytics to know where your traffic is coming from to your website. This can give you some insight on what platforms are working for you. Are people visiting your website and being directed there from Facebook? If you haven’t boosted a post on there, maybe it’s time to give it a try. Then check your analytics again and see if you obtained any more visitors. If you then have all this traffic coming to your website, with little or no phone calls or emails, it may be a time to take a look at your website. What is is lacking? Is it easy to navigate, mobile friendly and responsive? Do you have captivating photos? If you need help with this, please feel free to reach out to us!

Getting traffic to your website is important, but even more important is that the traffic that is getting there are good leads. Are you posting on Social Media to gain trust or just sell? Gaining trust and credibility should be your main focus with your posts. Branding and recognition is also part of the visibility on Social Media.

We hope you gained some insight with what we have mentioned, and are always here to answer any questions for you!.
Thank you for reading and we look forward to any questions you may have. Feel free to comment below! Or you can always call us at 480-656-6059