Advertising. Big Word For Your Business!

Marketing and advertising are a no-brainer for any business and it’s success. But what are good tactics to follow with advertising? We will discuss a few here. Please leave any comments to what has helped your business in the leave a reply section. We would love to see what makes you tick!

CTA buttons on your website. In everyday terms, call to action buttons. These are buttons that you can offer a free item or ask them to sign up for your newsletter, amongst other things.The beauty of this is, they have now given you their email address, so you can add it to your email campaigns. You can also integrate them into your MailChimp Constant Contact and or whatever campaigns you may have going. Great way to capture a lead and stay in contact with them!

Who is your audience? Know who your audience is so you can “cater” your marketing to their wants and needs. For someone like us, a web designer, we do not have a specific age range, but there are professions we prefer not to work with. So with that said, any kind of post, materials are not targeted at those professions.

Attention Grabbers! We live in a fast paced world. You need something that will grab their attention and fast, in order to keep them interested into looking further into what it is you have to offer. Like some restaurants do, they have a young lady eating one of their hamburgers and drinking a drink, in an outfit that will generally grab a guys attention. The girl grabs their attention, then they will tend to look at what she’s doing, hence eating the hamburger. They then want to try that burger! Grabbing attention is huge!

Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. History tends to repeat itself, so if something has worked in the past, continue doing it. Are you running ads on Facebook and they have worked, but your Google ads haven’t? Reasonably you would want to keep doing the Facebook ads then. There are so many methods of advertising! With all the social media avenues out there, and more keep popping up, you may need to hire an advertising agency to stay on top of it for you!

Offer an excellent product or service! Great service will bring you more customers and returning customers as well. Along with that comes referrals too! Having a product that is needed never hurts either. If it is a product that others offer as well, do something different than they do to capture your audience. Like some of the coffee places that got started to “compete” with Starbucks had BIG challenges. Everyone knows Starbucks! So what did they do, they created more of a “hangout” atmosphere than the normal coffee shop. A couple of them also offered new stickers at the beginning of the month. Our daughter, who is not a early riser, was up and out of the house BEFORE school in order to make it to the coffee shop before they ran out of stickers. If that’s not advertising I don’t know what is!

Your smile is your logo in many instances! Can you “hear” that smile through the phone as well? The customer is always right attitude has to be a vital part of your thinking. Is there anything else you can do to make that customer happy so there are no issues? You can;t make everyone happy, but you should always try!

So whether you find that social media, emails, newspapers, or mailers work, just find them! But stay out there and in front of your audience. Become the trusted source in your industry!



Thank you for reading and we look forward to any questions you may have. Feel free to comment below! Or you can always call us at 480-656-6059