The Missing Puzzle Piece


Sometimes, there may be a tiny piece to the puzzle that is missing to make things all come together. Sometimes the piece is easily noticeable, sometimes it is not. With a website, there are many reasons a website can fail.

Design is a huge one. If your website does not load fast, with the world we live in today, you are likely to lose potential customers because they will not wait on the website to load! A lost customer is lost money obviously. Once it does load, does it have an up-to-date look and feel? Can you easily navigate around the website? Is there relevant information your customer is looking for, easy to find?

Is your website mobile friendly and responsive? Responsive means can it be viewed easily no matter what device it is being viewed on? Tablets and phones all have different screen and resolution sizes, so that is where a mobile/responsive website comes in, not to mention, that is what Google wants every website to be. No one wants to squeeze the picture out to be able to read the content.

Do you have positive back links? A positive back link would be your social media links for example. These links MUST be relevant to your business.

Do you have an SSL Certificate? A SSL certificate is added security for your website. Google has just recently implemented this into their website standards. It use to be any website that was selling something online needed to have one. Now Google wants ALL websites to have them. Why? Because they send millions of people to websites hourly, and want to make sure the websites are secure. This also makes it harder for hackers to get into your website. We think they also feel since an SSL certificate needs to be purchased, it might deter some of the scammers who could put together a website with very little money from developing a website that won’t be easily found.

Does the back-end contain: keywords, meta-tags, H tags, pictures optimized, analytics installed? These are just SOME of the items your website needs.

All in all, there are always lots of pieces to a puzzle, as well as life. Without all the pieces, it is not whole. Having an unfinished website will not be as beneficial to you as a well built one.

We are always here to answer ANY website questions you may have.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to any questions you may have.