Testimonials For Your Business

Do you ever read testimonials about a place before you do business with them? How about going to a restaurant you have never heard about before, do you look them up online? Many people do some sort of search on the web before doing business with a company they are not familiar with. Unless your store is in a mall, the likely hood of someone just walking in to make a pre-determined purchase from you is slim to none without having done some research.

Testimonials are a great way of sharing what your customers have to say about you. If you are a service professional like we are, once we finish a job, we always ask for a testimonial. we actually had someone call once based on the testimonials on our website. Brands like Nike, Under Armour, Coca-Cola took years to brand themselves and you can not expect your product/service to build stamina like that over night. Testimonials can help grow your business, and staying in touch with the clients you have built these relationships with is the best advice we can give anyone. Your “happy” clients are you best referral sources!

Customer service will be another post, but that term has to go hand in hand with a happy client!

Please share your thoughts!