You Must Ask For Referrals!

As a business owner, most of us do not want to bother our family, friends, and neighbors about our business. You automatically hope they just will send you referrals right? At one of my recent Networking Groups, we had a discussion about this exact topic. Almost all of us agreed that we just “expected” family, friends and even customers to promote us. A group of us in there do automatically refer out the ones we like, know and trust, but some said they sometimes don’t think about it.

With all the Social Media platforms there are today, we all discussed that we just have to ASK for the referrals, not just expect them. Some people may think you are so busy that you don’t really need their referrals. I don’t think there are many people reading this who couldn’t use the extra business! If you don’t want or need the extra business I would love to speak with you as to how you got so successful!

With that said, Web Designs Your Way is never too busy for your referrals and appreciate them very much. Who do you know that needs a website?