Finding The Right Service For Your Needs

Do you have the same needs for your business as your neighbor does? In some aspects probably yes. Others no. So when looking for someone to build your website, or print your marketing materials for example, your needs are going to be different than someone else, so why would you want to pay a “standard” price which might include services you don’t need. A la Carte pricing may seem silly, but to us, standard price is silly. Your website may not need a shopping cart, but that standard pricing may already include that. Why should you pay a shopping cart expense when you are not utilizing it?

Some of the things we suggest when looking for any service providers are:

  • Are they responsive? If you call or email, how soon do they get back to you? Is the amount of time acceptable to you? Do not lower your standard on this one. There are still businesses that want your business and have good customer service!
  • Do they answer your questions. If you are investing YOUR money into their services, do they rush you through the process and treat you as a number, or do they take the time to listen to your needs and provide solutions to your problems? Sometimes a listening ear can provide an option you had not thought of and work better than what you were thinking. Getting a direct answer, or at least an alternative solution to a question should always be important.
  • Are they rigid or flexible? Yes, companies have certain policies they need to follow, which all consumers need to understand, but if it’s something as simple as adding a service “outside of the box” thinking, do they at least consider it and discuss it with you or just blow you off.
  • Do they try and bait and switch you? Do they list pricing on their website or a flyer and once you start speaking with them they say, “Oh, that’s only good if you do this….” The old bait and switch is a practice many use, so make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s before signing any contracts with companies. Contracts are binding, so make sure you do your homework on everything you are promised.
  • Contracts not only protect the service provider, but yourself as well. If they do not offer a contract, demand one! Make sure everything is in writing that has been promised to you. Do not sign it until you have read the entire thing and make any corrections you see fit. A hand shake does not work like it use to unfortunately.
  • Pricing. Again, like the contract, having everything that is included in the price quoted in writing it vital too. Make sure there are no hidden fees. Web Designers for example may charge extra to add keywords, where some include it. Same thing with contact forms. Some write the content for you, others don’t. Be very clear on what is included with the price quoted.

These are just a few suggestions we have. We are always available for questions! Please feel free to fill out our contact form with any questions you may have and we will get back with you as soon as possible!