Free WordPress Themes vs Paid WordPress Themes

We get asked all the time why we purchase our WordPress themes when we could use a free one. There are ALL kinds of reasons, but we will cover some of our favorite!

  • Paid themes offer so many more options for your website. Usually with free themes, what you see if what you get. You can not move some items around, if there are 4 boxes there, 4 boxes is what you have to work with!
  • Functionality. Paid themes allow you to manipulate where things go, and if you even want items in there. You don’t get that flexibility with free themes.
  • Paid themes are way less expensive than designing from the ground up. For example, a 5 page website using a paid theme could run around $950.00, while building one from the ground up would start around $1,900.00 minimum.The reason using a theme is less expensive in the build of a website is because most of the coding is already in the theme. The designer goes in and changes some of the coding and will add more, but the amount of time it takes to code from the ground up is a big expense.
  • Customer Support. Big words right there. WordPress generally has updates to it’s core code at least once a quarter, if not more. Most free themes do not have any customer support and will not provide any updates to their theme. That could cause you security issues without update options. Usually updates are done because someone found a break in the system and was able to access portions of the theme, so the updates are done to secure that breach.
  • Free themes can tend to be put together quicker than paid themes, which could result in poorly written code. This could affect the functionality of the website, the look and feel, or even cause the website to “break” when a WordPress update is done and now that theme does not work with the update. Then what?
  • Free themes are not always compatible with the newest and greatest plug-ins or widgets. That is really a down side to keeping your website up to date with the trends and things potential customers are looking for.

Those are a few of our top reasons. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Also if ” FREE website” is written all over your website, what impression does that give your potential customer? Most likely the fact that you don’t value your business enough to invest in making a good website, so why should they invest in you?

Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression, let us make you beautiful!

We look forward to your comments.