More Google Changes!

Everyone worries about website security right? I mean, you don’t want to enter your credit card number on an unsecure website for sure! But how do you know if it’s secure or not? The most apparent way is to look at the URL and make sure there is a green lock followed by HTTPS. The S is the important part. Most websites are just HTTP.

Here’s the part that is important. As Google is the industry standard for most people to search on, they are now putting into place that they want ALL websites to have this added security. It has been stated that the more secure websites will gain priority in search results over those who do not have an HTTPS. They want to make sure that the websites they are sending people to are safe and secure. Makes sense to me!

What do you need to do? Contact your hosting provider, or if your web developer is doing your hosting, contact them. Some providers offer SSL certificates for as low as $ 19.99 a year. Depending on the security level will depend on the level of certificate you will need. If you have people utilizing a shopping cart and are checking out ON your website, you need the most secure option available.

If you have been able to make your way up the rankings, you will not want to lose that precious spot. Take advantage of this sooner than later and see if your ranking soars even higher.