Looking For A Tax Deduction? Look No Further


The end of the year is approaching fast. Not only do you have the holidays to “worry” about, you also have your business to keep going as well. You start looking at your finances and think “I need some write offs for my business!”

Well look no further, we are here to help. It may be time to take a good look at your website and see if it is giving off the message you want it to. Have things changed in your business and the look and feel of your website no longer match your direction you are going? Contact us today for a FREE website analysis. We can give you a no obligation review of the functionality of your current website and see what may need improving on. If there are issues, you may choose to just fix those issues, or potentially give your website a whole new look! The good thing about it? Our services can be tax deductible! Of course, we are web designers, not accountants, so triple check with your accountant just to be safe for the state you live in. Think of all the ways this can benefit you too. You could have a brand new website that can help your business grow AND get a tax break? It’s a WIN WIN situation!

We feel education is so important, and that’s why we offer the FREE, no obligation analysis. What good is a website if it was not built properly in the first place? Also with the guidelines Google puts into place all the time, you need to be compliant with those rules!

We look forward to hearing from you.