“Give More Value Than You Expect In Payment”

I love that expression, don’t you? If you really think about it, if you even go two “extra steps” for a customer, they will remember you. Then if someone asks them if they know anyone who has what you offer, you will be the first person who comes to their mind. I can promise you a referral goes much further than them just walking into your business.

You must, know, like and trust someone to buy products out of the ordinary. Items like groceries and most clothing have all been branded for a long time, but if the product or service you offer is not branded to where they know you, that referral is your saving grace because someone the client knows, likes, and trusts has told them about you!. What’s easier than growing your business with referrals. Think about that the next time someone is asking a lot of questions, or taking more of your time than what you are use to. They deserve your attention and could send you lots of business.