Website Security: Don’t Get Hacked

So you have your dream website built and you’re on your way to growing your business. Happy days right? If you used a good designer, yes. It’s a perfect world. Your website was built up to Google standards, has great keywords and the proper tags. But then it happens. Your website gets hacked. A big black cloud comes over you in extreme panic. What do I do? First thing you want to do is go in and change your password.

website-security1While some may think it’s extreme, using strong passwords is a MUST. You should never have a login such as admin or even wpadmin. That is way to easy. Your password should be at least 15 characters long, include symbols, letters and numbers. As we have also mentioned, your WordPress updates must be done. Updates are created because a system failure may have happened, so improvements were created. You should check for updates a minimum of twice monthly. If you can do it weekly, all the better! Plug-ins, widgets and WordPress core updates are vital to the security of the website.

If you are not currently doing these updates to your website we can help! We have monthly packages that are very affordable. Think about what your time is worth.