Google Mobile First Indexing

We have stated for some time now, that Google implemented a new guideline stating that all websites should be mobile friendly. With the majority of the population relying on their phones and tablets way more than desktop versions now, why wouldn’t you have a mobile friendly website?

Google has gone so far as to do their indexing now from a mobile device! What does that mean for you and your website? Right now, until all testing is complete, potentially nothing. But when they are done testing and have everything 100% in place, rankings will more than likely be greatly affected if you do not have a mobile friendly website or a responsive website. We all know rankings are important, so we suggest you get an updated site now before other changes take effect.

The other great thing about responsive websites is they are much more user friendly. When you have a user friendly website, visitors are more likely to stay longer on your website which cna help with your rankings. How many times have you been out and are looking for a restaurant? What do you do? Pull out your phone and Google it. If you visit a restaurant website and have to pinch to try and read it, do you usually stay on it, or more onto the next one? According to our research, once people open a website on their phone and have to do any pinching, they leave. What does that mean? A lost customer!

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