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Web Designs Your Way goes beyond creating a 'good' site that is aesthetically pleasing with eye-catching personalized colors, fonts, and photos. We help create a 'great' site so that your potential clients can see the essence of who you are, what you do, and why you're set apart from others in your industry.

Make sure you have all the essentials for a functional restaurant website design:

    What if? What if nothing else were on your site besides the home page? What information would you want a potential customer to see? If your client got a front row seat in the theater of your company as you told them the vitals about your restaurant, you’d want them to see your logo, of course, front and center, along with your address, your phone number, and hours. You’d also want them to see photos of your specialty dishes and perhaps an interior photo letting them know the ambiance they’d experience. Along with those qualities, you would want them to hear about who you are and how your restaurant began. Reading your company’s story often helps a customer relate on a personal level and gives the customer an invitation to become part of your ongoing growth. Also, you would want your client to have links to your social media profile. How does social media promote your company? Promoting your business via social media can really improve your company’s reach! There, you have an open door for promotions, specials, and sharing what makes you who you are as an organization. You’re creating interest while promoting your restaurant.
Restaurant Web Design Screenshot - Moreno's Mexican Grill - Created By Web Designs Your Way - Santan Valley, AZ
Moreno's Mexican Grill - 7 Valley Locations
  • Your Menu
    According to a 2013 study, 80% of guests want to see the menu before eating at a restaurant. Website visitors want to view your menu quickly and easily, often from mobile devices. Web Designs Your Way doesn’t put your menu in a downloadable PDF, as that causes extra work and possible complications for your customer. Instead, we make your menu easily accessible on a web page that can be found directly on your site’s home page.
  • Ordering & Delivery
    Americans are almost as obsessed with eating out as they are with take-out, with the average family eating restaurant-prepared food about five times per week. According to a recent article about the fast food industry (quote article about Chick-fil-A), the frequency with which Americans dine out has increased dramatically in recent years. WDYW is able to link your site with partners such as GrubHub, Door Dash, and Chownow to enable simple and fast ordering. However, some restaurant owners find that the fees from delivery partners may be excessive. As a second option, Web Designs Your Way offers a platform so that you can offer take-out orders directly from your site. Either way, your site is able to compete and capture the take-out market, therefore increasing your bottom line.
  • FAQs Page
    The goal of your FAQs page is to answer what your customer would ask before they even ask it. Take note of questions from your patrons and turn those into a FAQ page on your website or weave those answers into your website's existing content. Either way, help simplify your customer's experience by giving them helpful, well-written information.

Features for an Effective Restaurant Website

  • Customer Reviews
  • Mobile Optimized Contact Information
  • Google Maps Embedded Links
  • Mobile Friendly Menu

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized)
  • Lead Capture
  • Social Media Icons with Links
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Serve Your Customers In House and Online

The restaurant industry is one of the more difficult industries to please all of your customers. We can help you appease your patrons through your presence online. Some possibilities we recommend you include on your website are:

Email Autoresponder
Include a CRM autoresponder on your contact form to respond to your customers inquiries immediately, even when you're at your busiest.

Your Hours
We've all driven all the way to a restaurant just to find out they're not open - it's a defeating feeling. Your regular hours as well as any changes to your hours, especially around holidays, are especially important to include on your website.

Gift Cards and Specials
Advertise current and future specials on your website - it will help attract those customers that have been wanting to try your restaurant but just haven't gotten around to it.

Dietary and Kid Friendly Options
Some possible patrons may not want to come in to your restaurant if they believe there are little to no options for them. If your restaurant is capable of providing for families or anybody with dietary restrictions, make it clear on your website.

Work On Presenting Your Vision Online

We want to mirror your goals on your website. Your website will be unique; we want to fulfill both your visual and functional expectations. Our goal is to create a reasonably priced website specifically for you in a timely with all the features that fit your business best.

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