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People immersed in the world of fitness are dedicated and hardworking. You're trained to think of alternatives and other options on the spot. Each client is too individual to just provide a blanket solution and hope it's applicable. You tailor your services to what your client needs - we do the same for you.

Make sure you have all the essentials for a stand-out health and wellness website design:

  • Fast
    The lives of your patients are fast paced - people often don't make enough time for their mental and physical health. Avoid forcing them to spend too long waiting for your pages to load.
  • Organized
    Know frequently asked questions and common concerns and make them visible and easy to find. As we mentioned, people don't like to spend time on their health.
  • Directed
    Know your patient type - emergency care needs to address different concerns than a personal trainer or a dentist. Make sure your content is tailored to the patients or customers that will be reading it.

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Features for an Productive Health and Wellness Website

  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Responsive
  • Social Media Integration

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized)
  • Custom Google Map Integration
  • Custom Photo Gallery

In the websites we've built in the past, health and wellness is best framed to clients as a comprehensive representation of your business's goals. Showing your clients you have goals encourages them to trust you with theirs.

Lift the Standards in the Industry

Consider stepping your first impressions up with extra features to your website including:

Email Autoresponder
Integrate a CRM autoresponder with your contact form to ensure all your current or potential clients are responded to in a timely manner even during your busiest times of the year. Autoresponder software is versatile and can be used for e-newsletters such as MailChimp as well as a predetermined email response to any contact form leads.

Appointment Scheduling
Allowing clients to inquire online as a primary source is effective in minimizing their time spent listening to hold music.

Current Partners
If you're part of a network with other offices or locations, make sure you mention it!

Blogs are helpful in keeping your website current and keeping your patients or clients in the loop of what you and the industry are up to.

Work On Building a Unique Image for Your Business

We want to help you help your patients. Trust us with the online presence of your business while you keep providing the best care possible.

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