WordPress Beauty Website Design

Whether you’re selling a beauty product or providing your services, we can provide impressive web design, maintenance and marketing as beautiful as your customers.

Necessities to make your website gorgeous and effective include:

  • A balance of entertaining and professional design work
    Your website needs to maintain business-like qualities, but also needs to pop against the bland background that pure professionalism can sometimes present.
  • Quick loading speed
    People are inherently too impatient to wait very long - a 2015 marketing study revealed that 75% of people report leaving a website if its pages don't load fast enough, with 76% of people regarding 10 seconds or longer to be 'too slow'.
  • Personal
    You want to know what your clients like - let them get to know you a little bit too!

Acacia Skin Care – Castle Rock, Colorado

Characteristics of a Promising Beauty Website

  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Responsive
  • Social Media Integration

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized)
  • Custom Google Map Integration
  • Contact Form

In our experience, beauty websites stand out the most when the functionality of the website is flawlessly integrated. Let us help you accentuate your business on your website!

Make Your Website as Pretty as Your Clients

Understanding what your clients expect is pivotal in designing your website. We can help you improve your online presence with the following options:

Email Autoresponder
Utilize a CRM autoresponder in conjunction with your contact form to prevent any clients from slipping through the cracks. You can be confident in knowing you'll never miss a contact form submission.

If you work with any other companies or offer any other services yourself, make it known! If people are already on your website for one of your services, make it worth their while to stay and look around.

Personal Photos and Videos
One of the most important aspects of your beauty website is showcasing your work. Include pictures and integrate any Youtube videos to help 'sell yourself' to potential clients.

Improve your credibility with blogs about updates within the community or within your business. Keeping blogs recent is important in demonstrating that you are up to date with any and all current beauty trends.

Put Your Business's Best Foot Forward.

Help us mimic your aspirations through your website. Your website will be unique to you. We aim to display the best of your business through a professional and stunning website without breaking the bank. Our goals are to create a website specifically for you in a reasonable amount of time with all the features you want. We want to help you brand or rebrand your business in a way that will propel you towards success.

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