Now That You Have An Amazing Looking Website, What’s Next?

Now is the time to market your business. Not sure where to start? Web Designs Your Way, LLC can help with that too. Whether it’s with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, Email Marketing, or Social Media Marketing and Management, we can help! Our creative marketing team has several years of experience and is continually growing their knowledge with all the major social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing task that websites need to complete in order to achieve first page rankings. While we ensure all of our websites are search engine friendly and contain SEO plug-ins, it still takes time to make it to the front page. With SEO done right, it can take you a shorter time to achieve the first page ranking. If done against the “rules” (which are constantly changing), SEO can do more harm than good.

Sure you may appear on the first page overnight, but once Google, Bing and the other search engines realize the unethical ways that you got there, you will be penalized and potentially have your domain blacklisted, never to be seen again. SEO is composed of many different elements, such as keywords, social media platforms associated with your website, how often is content changed, and activity on social media, just to name a few.

Leave it to our team to help you. A website that looks great is not beneficial to you without tons of traffic!

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Not sure what pay-per-click really is? These are ads that you pay for when people click on them. Your ad can be placed on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads, among many other.

Pay-Per-Click ads are different than Cost-Per-Impression (CPM) ads. With CPM ads, you get charged if your ad appears on a search someone is doing and your ad just shows up. PPC ads you only get charged for it someone actually clicks on your ad. PPC campaigns are best run with generating a landing page in conjunction with the ad to collect email addresses and information about your potential customers.

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Have you ever thought, why blog? There are numerous reasons, but one of our favorites is the credibility it ads to your business. Blog about items that are happening in your profession, changes to the way something is working or even about you. It once again gives potential customers the impression that they can trust you. Most people want to know, like and trust you before doing business with you, and what better way to let them get to know you than by blogging? The know, like and trust factors all play a huge role in referrals as well. Having a website, participating in social media, and blogging are all ways to gain credibility.

Plus, if someone enjoys your posts, they will come back and visit your website, which can only help in rankings. Even having them bookmark your website for return visits is a major plus. Think this is just too much for you? Web Designs Your Way is happy to do it for you!

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It’s a love hate relationship for most. You know it can do wonders for your business, it can also be so incredibly consuming. Web Designs Your Way comes to the rescue again. We can manage all of your social media platforms except for LinkedIn. LinkedIn is very specific in their guidelines that only the actual owner of the account is allowed to make any posts. Social media goes hand in hand with not only landing pages, but Pay-Per-Click campaigns as well. Also, having your social media links on your website can help with SEO and credibility.

To recap, Web Designs Your Way can provide you with all kinds of services to help market and brand your business. We build websites that have the WOW factor, are SEO friendly, responsive and mobile friendly, provide social media, blogging, hosting, PPC, logo design, print design, video production and so much more. Our customer service alone will show you how much we value you and your business.

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