Just Like Clothes Styles Change,
Designs and Styles of Websites Change Too.

Web Designs Your Way, LLC stays up to date with all the changes and we pass them on to our customers. We even have packages that include a WordPress website redesign every 2 years.

Web Designs Your Way, LLC believes in building relationships, not just websites. We are proud to say that 98% of our business comes from referrals. Customer service along with amazing websites has helped us turn our customers into “friends” and great referral partners. We want to make sure all of our customers are taken care of and their business isn’t affected in a negative way by the look and feel of their website.

If your website hasn’t had an appearance update in several years, now is the time. A content update may be warranted as well. Contact us for a no obligation quote and add some life back into your website.

Everyone needs a website that is very user friendly, appealing to the eyes, and have the content your users are looking for. Real Estate agents for example will usually have people searching for homes, knowledge about areas they are looking to move, what taxes may be, things like that. Web Designs Your Way has built several realtor websites and can guide you in the process.

Any website that is built poorly will be just that, a poorly built website. You need to make sure your designer has experience with IDX, FLEX ARMLS, maps etc. to build a website other realtors will be jealous of, and we can do that for you.

Learn more about our Real Estate Web Design services.

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If you are planning on selling items online, do you know there are other security features you need to take to protect yourself and your buyer? We make sure all precautions are taken to avoid issues that could arise. Making your items easy to find also helps with the shopping experience. Your customers will still want to you about you and why you are doing what you are doing. We have content writers who can help with this if you need it.

eCommerce websites can tend to cost a little more, but it well worth it to have it built properly and to where you can add and delete items easily. We can train you how to do that, or we have monthly maintenance plans to maintain it for you.

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Landing pages are created to go hand in hand with an ad you are running. Once they have gotten to your landing page, it should then intrigue them to want more information from you. That’s where your Call To Action (CTA) comes in. You need that CTA to be prominent near the top of the page to capture their name, email address and potentially their telephone number so you can contact them to finish the sale.

Landing pages are generally used in conjunction with Pay Per Click ads (PPC), Kickstarter campaigns, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. They are also great for building your email campaigns. Providing something free is a great way to collect those emails. It can be something as simple as free knowledge about how your product will help them. For example, we offer a Free Website Analysis if you provide us with your information.

This not only helps us to connect with you, but it also gives you a chance to see some potential items that may be lacking in your website.

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We also build student-athletes websites to help high school athletes get in front of college coaches they would like to play for. These websites provide 99% of the puzzle piece for coaches. They contain stats, grades, a calendar, videos and pictures. Once the website is built, we guide you on what to do with the website. We also integrate your YouTube Channel into the website so coaches can subscribe to your channel and get notified of any new videos you upload. Many people think junior year in high school is the time to have one of these amazing recruiting tools, but most of the time, that is too late.

We are currently helping a young volleyball player who started connecting with coaches her sophomore year and was told by a couple of coaches they would not have an opening for her when she graduated. Freshman year is not too early!

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