Logo Design Services

Develop your professional brand with affordable Logo Design services. We'll start with an enthusiastic conversation about you and your business. We want to get to know you, so your customers can too.

Your logo will brand your website, online profiles, business cards, storefront, and many other promotional, marketing, and branding tools. For the best results, we'll help you match your new logo to the wants and needs of your ideal customers.

Steps to the Logo Design Process

Here is a summary of the process we will work through together. More details, tips, and guidance follow below.

Step 1: Contact us for pricing and a free consultation.
Step 2: Provide examples of logos you like. Tell us what you like about them.
Step 3: Decide on colors, messaging, personality, style, and voice.
Step 4: Review 3 to 5 logo design variations we send you within 5-7 business days.
Step 5: Choose a favorite and provide specific feedback for fine-tuning. Three revisions are included in your initial quote.

When your new logo design is finalized, you will receive .jpeg, .png, and .svg file formats including a transparent version that transitions between all media types.

Here are some of the logos we've designed:

Web Design - Company Logos - Tempe AZ



Logo Design Tips and Techniques

Logo design isn't just about creating a brand trademark YOU like. It's about influencing your ideal customers to recognize you, want to do business with you, and ultimately contact you or make a purchase.

Keep your prospects and customers in mind when deciding on logo color, shape, and messaging to achieve your branding goals.

Look at Existing Logos You Like

PRO TIP: Your Competitor's Logo is not a Good Example
In logo design, one crucial goal is to be different from your competitors. Don't make the mistake of looking at logos of other businesses in your industry for ideas. It is not in your best interest to emulate another business, blend in with the branding of your competitors, or copy the same blunders they may have made in the logo creation process.

Instead, ask yourself what about a particular logo is drawing your attention, how it makes you feel, and why you identify with it.

Keep it Simple

Check out classic logos of companies who have reached brand recognition success. Notice that one feature which makes each logo most memorable is simplicity.

Another goal of our logo design services is to help make your branding recognizable. Go for a balance of text, color, and imagery so a person's brain can process your messaging quickly - and remember it.

You can probably name all the companies represented by these logos, right?

Logo Design Ideas - Target - Apple
simple logo design services - twitter - pepsi
simple classic logo designs - Dominos Pizza - Microsoft

Play with Variations of How Your Logo is Displayed

The design of your logo should aesthetically embrace most display possibilities, such as:

  • Grayscale
  • Black and White
  • All one color
  • Full color
  • With and Without a tagline
  • Shape: Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Circle
  • Horizontal vs. Vertical
  • Transparent vs. Colored Background
  • Legibility in font style and font size

What Colors Represent Your Brand?

PRO TIP: Use Color Psychology to Your Advantage
Some of our clients come to us with a specific color palette already in use. That's great. However, if you haven't chosen colors yet, or you can be flexible in your color choices, let's try different combinations.

It is scientifically proven that color dramatically influences a person's mood, perceptions, and decisions. Choose color combinations you like that represent the personality, messaging, products, and services of your company.

More importantly, give priority to the wants and needs of your target customers. Satisfying your customer will go a long way in effectively, memorably branding your business.

Logo Design Services - Color Psychology - Web Designs Your Way - Chandler AZ

Your Company Style and Voice

Do you want to present a casual, welcoming, approachable demeanor? Are you work-hard, play-hard, serious folks who come to the office in jeans and t-shirts? Do you want a purely professional image, to establish yourself as an expert in your field, demonstrate luxury, or attract a more frugal audience?

Give your style and voice some thought. Then write down some words and phrases that represent whom you want to be to your customers - or whom they want you to be.


Affordable, Professional Logo Design Services

You can count on personal attention, creative collaboration, and very reasonable rates.

Web Designs Your Way is ready to create a custom logo that makes a lasting impression and drives your business forward.

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