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We work with law firms frequently to provide them the best web design, maintenance, SEO and marketing services the industry can offer. Our goal is to guarantee our law firm clients receive a trustworthy, fast and informative website to help their client base grow.

An ideal law firm website features:

  • A comprehensive list of services
    A prospective client goes to a law firm website seeking help - make sure it’s clear on your website that your firm is equipped to help them.
  • Quick and easy call to actions
    Make it straightforward how to contact you. Retaining clients on your website for longer than a few seconds is important, but ensuring they don’t give up and search elsewhere because they can’t find your phone number, email or contact form is essential.
  • Professional
    Trustworthiness and professionalism are key. Your clients are entrusting you with a problem they’re having and it’s expected that you’ll handle their lives with care and attention to detail. Make sure your website reflects your ability to do so.

Characteristics of an Effective Law Firm Website

We craft law firm websites under the following standards:

  • Contact Form
  • Custom Maps

  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized)

Go Above and Beyond. Attract More Clients.

To improve effectiveness of your law website design, don’t discredit your content. Whether you write it or you hire a content writer, an immense power lies in your words. We can help you shape your website into a tool to attract and retain clients. To enhance this ability, we often recommend the following features:

Email Autoresponder
Using a CRM autoresponder that’s been integrated into your contact form is extremely helpful in guaranteeing potential clients get a timely response. Clients will likely not wait patiently for a response, especially if their needs are urgent. An autoresponder takes some of the stress off of you and your lawyers by providing a generalized response to let them know you’ve received their submission to buy you extra time to respond to clients individually.

Practice Specializations
Including the specialties of your practice on your website will direct clients with corresponding needs to your team. Including information and statistics regarding each area of practice can help guide your clients to identify which area they need your help with. Mentioning what possible compensations your client may be entitled to with your help can be influential in their decision of whether to pursue legal counsel.

Lawyer Biographies
Knowing your clients is important to you, so knowing you is understandably important to your clients. According to a 2015 study, 52% of survey respondants want to see company information when they visit a website. Details about your lawyers and their specialties help establish credibility and make your company seem more personable and trustworthy.

A Unique Blog
New case studies and precedents can become available at any time - keep your clients up to date. You can write small bits of legal advice, synopses of new studies, or new additions or changes to your team.

Prosecute Your Position as a Trusted and Reliable Law Firm

We want to help you progress your business as a credible and strong willed law firm. We can promise your firm a unique and professional website that fits the needs of you and your clients.

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